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Service 1

Look after those you care about.

The possibilities are endless the DroidJack suite it has tools to monitor everything you could possibly imagine and give you peace of mind that your children or other loved ones are safe.

Service 2


Don't Like the way your client looks? Then change it! DroidJack allows you to theme your client however you'd like and a chieve a truly personal feel when using it.

Service 3

Easy to use.

DroidJack's GPS tools let you keep real time tabs on where your loved ones are going and for how long, it even presents that infomation in a familiar and easy to use way...via Google Maps!


Author 1

"Really nice and stable RAT. I have small problems before, but after Update everything work nice. Nice guy, not only seller. He code this tool in 100% and now what sell. 10/10 for Product"

- the.xAx
Author 2

"That´s the first Rat for Android I have ever used, and It´s insane good. I had a problem at the beginning, but OP was kindly enough to help me thorugh TV, even though I dont know what I did wrong lol. Thank you for this amazing Rat man!! "

- Coday
Author 3

"This Android RAT is surely the best availabe rat on HF. And also price are genuine. I would recommend this for sure "

- Hunter Kh


Lifetime License


  • An Aresnal of Tools
  • An easy to use interface
  • And a customizable client
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